2. "Have more than you show,
    Speak less than you know"
    — King Lear: Act 1, Scene 4 - William Shakespeare (via malevia)

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    Hipster Dinosaurs

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  4. "… however lamentable his English may be, he still speaks your language while you cannot speak his. To me, this gives him a considerable advantage over you. Always pause before you criticise, and never unduly criticise one who has made an effort at something you yourself have not even attempted."
    — Matthew Reilly, The Tournament (via cheeseable)

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    The darker the henna the deeper the love.

    This is just so gorgeous. Wow. 

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    A cartoon by Christopher Weyant. For more cartoons from the Food Issue: http://nyr.kr/192GojY

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    Sagra del fuoco di Recco dal battello #2 (http://flic.kr/p/h2PQ4k)

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    Richard Brody on Matt Zoller Seitz’s book “The Wes Anderson Collection”: http://nyr.kr/16FqHLA

    Seitz’s book, with its full investigation of Anderson’s art—including, with a touching frankness, his confession to Anderson of his numerous and insightful ‘theories’ (his word) about the films (these interviews are two-sided discussions)—unfolds the densely compressed layers of thought and experience, impulse and intention, that go into the making of Anderson’s films.

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  9. " There is no rule book when one of the most famous artists in the world decides to drop his work into your life."

    Banksy’s one-month-long tour in NY: no. 17.

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    Photos of famous landmarks while they were still under construction.

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